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The Process

How Does a Soaktank Work?

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  • Multiple size tanks, they can go inside or out, no plumbing needed and only a standard 3 pin socket required.
  • We deliver, install and fully train staff on usage

The Process

Why Use a Soaktank?

  • Simply Place all equipment such as filters, grills, trays, pots / pans inside the tank.
  • Continue with other more important tasks within kitchen
  • After as little as 20 mins soaking, simply Rinse and Reuse. Equipment will be as good as new.

The Process

What Happens With The Waste?

  • Our service technicians will visit the site once a month to remove waste water, clean the inside / outside of the tank and refresh it with new detergent.
  • We remove this wastewater off-site and transfer it to our green partners who use this in the production of BioFuel.

More about soaktech

What We do

About Soaktech

Fully Irish-owned and operated decarboniser soak tank specialists. Our soak tanks efficiently remove grease, oil and built up carbon from a wide range of kitchen equipment including pots, pans, grills, gastro trays, baking racks, canopy filters and much more.

A Soaktech Tank system is the perfect cleaning solution for every size commercial kitchen across various industries.

Specially Designed for Irish Kitchens

Our Soaktech Tanks do not require as much space as common pot washers or triple sinks. Each tank is specifically designed to fit under counter tops, wheels for easy accessibility and usage anywhere. Our tanks come in multiple sizes to fit any sized kitchen from a zero space temple bar kitchen to the larger golf resort hotel kitchens.

Our Service

We deliver, install and fully train staff on all aspects of our Decarboniser Soak Tanks. During a typical monthly service, we drain the used waste water from the tank, thoroughly clean the tank inside and out and refresh with hot water and our proprietary Soaksafe detergent ready for use again. The waste water that is removed is transported to our Biofuel partners where it is recycled and used in the generation of electricity.

Our Clients

Who They Are

Shane Mitchell
Shane MitchellOwner Asador & Prado Restaurants
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“We use Soaktech in our restaurants, they have a very clever piece of kit that slots into commercial kitchens and cleans pots, pans, grills, extraction filters etc to brand new. They have certainly helped us reduce our KP labour costs and improve efficiency. Their soak tanks are now an integral part of our kitchens and their service means the tanks are always working and we don’t have to worry about cleaning it out. We highly recommend Soaktech”
Laura Moriarity
Laura MoriarityMoriarty Group Operations Director
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“We use Soaktech tanks in our properties and have noticed improved hygiene across our kitchens while reducing the workload. The monthly service they provide means there is no extra work in the kitchen and they leave the tank looking brand new. They also provide us with collection dockets for council inspection. I highly recommend Soaktech for all commercial kitchens”
David Steele
David SteeleFAI Senior Men’s Team Chef
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“I use Soaktech both in my resident hotel and also the hotel where the team stay. Unbelievable results from the soak tank, everything is spotless and the porters aren’t stood scrubbing all day. The guys at Soaktech clean and service it monthly meaning it’s always ready to use and no extra work for us. I wouldn’t have a kitchen without one.”

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  • Couldn’t praise this unit highly enough, keeps all our pots, Pans ,cooker irons, steel & filters Etc sparkling with no scrubbing, don’t know how any kitchen could operate without it. Excellent service also with fully certified waste removal. 100% recommend

    Padraig Humby Avatar Padraig Humby

    Soaktech offer a very professional service. Communication re monthly servicing /visits is always welcomed, couldn't be more helpful , always very cooperative. Will always recommend Soaktech to other restauranteurs.

    Paul McVeigh Avatar Paul McVeigh

    Great service highly recommend using these lads

    Gareth Naughton Avatar Gareth Naughton
  • Fantastic product and great people to work with, don't usally give reviews but have to give praise for a job well done

    Darren Walsh Avatar Darren Walsh

    We call it the magic box, won't work in restaurant without one. Absolute life saver.

    Florin Vasilache Avatar Florin Vasilache

    The results from Soaktech tanks are unbelievable great products and great service.Highly recommend

    sean Cooper Avatar sean Cooper